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Defining Psychic Ability
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The result is that a Blank dampens any psychic or Warp-related powers occurring within their aura's area of effect. A psyker standing within the Blank's range will find their powers weakened if not wholly nonfunctional. The Blank themselves is immune to all direct psychic effects. However, a psyker could still attack a Blank indirectly by using their abilities to telekinetically launch a projectile at them.

A Blank is the direct antithesis of Chaos as he or she possesses no presence within the Warp. Blanks are completely immune to daemonic possession and spiritual corruption by Chaos.

Blanks can also interfere with the Tyranid Hive Mind 's ability to telepathically link Tyranid bioforms through its synapse organisms. However, this interference is nowhere near as powerful as what their abilities do to beings composed of pure psychic energy such as entities native to the Warp and daemons. A Blank's proximity to someone who possesses even a modicum of psychic ability can be quite painful or even lethal to the psyker, especially to psychically-sensitive beings such as the Aeldari.

Even ordinary, non-psychic individuals categorised as Level Sigma and below in psychic ability can be affected by a Blank's aura, as they radiate a sense of unnatural "wrongness" that makes other living creatures extremely uncomfortable and uneasy in their presence. People in the presence of an Untouchable will often harbour intensely hostile feelings towards the Blank for reasons that they cannot explain.

As a result, most Pariahs do not live long as the feelings of hatred and distaste they generate among even non-psychic individuals means they have few friends and many enemies. The Soulless are very rare in the galaxy since perhaps only one person on an entire world will be a carrier of the mutation in every human generation.

It is believed by some in the Adeptus Mechanicus that the genetic changes collectively called the Pariah Gene were deliberately engineered into the genomes of the ancestors of Mankind by the Necrons millions of standard years ago during the War in Heaven.

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Blanks today are most often used by the Officio Assassinorum 's Culexus Temple and as Acolytes by Inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus who find them to be useful psychic shields and weapons against the witch and unsanctioned psykers. The Ordo Malleus finds Blanks to be superb living weapons against daemons. Additionally, every member of the Sisters of Silence , the Imperium's most effective anti-psyker military force, is a Null.

On the Psyker Scale commonly employed by the Adeptus Astra Telepathica , Blanks occupy the nethermost levels, from Phi-plus to the extraordinarily rare Omega-minus level. There are no known instances of Blanks being born naturally amongst the nonhuman species of the galaxy, though Blanks have come into being among alien races, such as the Solitaire of the Aeldari Harlequins. The most well-known example of the use of Blanks by the Imperium of Man was the existence of the mysterious all-female order of Witch Hunters known as the Sisters of Silence.

During the Great Crusade era in the late 30th and early 31st Millennium, their purpose was to hunt and kill rogue human psykers whose activities presented a terrible danger to the people of the newborn Imperium.

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Also known as the "Silent Sisterhood" and the "Witchseekers," they were the militant arm of the Astra Telepathica and were referred to internally within the records of the Council of Terra predecessor to the Adeptus Terra and the Senatorum Imperialis as the Departmento Investigates. Along with the Legio Custodes , the Sisters of Silence had the right and duty to walk freely within the inner sanctum of the Imperial Vaults, the sovereign and sole domain of the Emperor and His Household at the behest and license of the Master of Mankind. These warrior-investigators were tasked with the apprehension of untrained psykers, often colloquially referred to on primitive human worlds as "witches," whose abilities sometimes manifested in ways that could be very dangerous to their fellow human beings, particularly if they became possessed hosts for the foul entities of the Warp.

The Sisters operated the Astra Telepathica's infamous Black Ships , which ranged the galaxy following behind the Great Crusade's Expeditionary Fleets in search of rogue psykers to capture or expunge, seeking to collect and carry them back to Terra where they would be tested and their eventual fate decided. Though few in number, the Sisters of Silence commanded great respect within the Imperium and most servants of the Emperor regarded them with some awe. Few would willingly stand in their way or interfere with their activities and few indeed were those who were comfortable in their presence.

It is hardly surprising that Blanks are often treated like outcasts or lepers in Imperial society, rejected by their parents and banished from their homeworld's local settlements. Local superstitions on many worlds often warn about touching them, saying that to do so would bring bad luck. Resigned to their fate, many Blanks lead simple, solitary existences, as far away from heavily populated areas as possible.

Following the end of the Horus Heresy, Mankind had become superstitious and fearful of the unknown, and the Silent Sisterhood were cast out by a distrustful Imperium. Though officially disbanded after the Age of Apostasy in the 36th Millennium, many enclaves of the Silent Sisterhood still fight for the Imperial cause in the modern era, albeit in a more secretive and specialist capacity than before, and would eventually play an important role against Abaddon the Despoiler and the Forces of Chaos during the closing years of the 41st Millennium.

The Assassins of this temple have been described by Aeldari Warlocks as being nothing short of the embodiment of pure evil. Even amongst the upper echelons of the Officio Assassinorum this temple is always viewed with extreme caution. The reason for this is not because of the way that the Culexus Assassins carry out their operations, or the heinous methods of killing they employ.

Is Psychic Ability Inherited?

It is because of the very nature of the Culexus Assassins themselves. This extremely rare genetic defect occurs for no known reason in less than one in a billion individuals. All psykers and intrinsically psychic species like the Aeldari consider a being like a Culexus Assassin to be an absolute abomination.

Even monstrosities such as a Tyranid Hive Tyrant can balk at the prospect of being permanently severed from their psychic abilities and the Hive Mind. The Culexus Assassin causes absolute terror in all psykers -- which is why they are so useful to the Imperium. The exact biological source which creates in a human being the state of psychic Null, the so-called "Pariah Gene," has proven an elusive and ephemeral subject of study, and in testing no single "gene" at all.

Such attempts to exploit or isolate it when pursued by both the Imperial Archotechnologist Corps and the Mechanicum during the Great Crusade's early years courted disaster, and as a result the Emperor decreed a general moratorium upon the study of the biological basis of the psyker Null phenomena, affecting all but His own direct experimentation should He wish it.

What remains of those extant studies indicates that most attempts to synthesise, propagate or even weaponise the psychic Null were tragic failures or worse. Despite all this evidence, shadowed accounts of certain Clades of the Officio Assassinorum and the dread and obscure Ordo Sinister also contain evidence of the Emperor's own "engineered" use of the psychic Null in warfare.

To others however, the mystery of the Pariah Gene, if it truly exists, remains out of reach.

book a reading with your favourite psychic

So many unanswered questions revolve around this most arcane and dangerous of topics. Jean was next featured in the six-issue miniseries X-Men Forever written by Fabian Nicieza , which was designed to tie up remaining plot lines. During the series, Jean revisited many of the events involving the Phoenix Force and the series introduced the concept of "Omega level mutants", a category for mutants with unlimited potential, which included Jean herself.

The overarching plot focused on the team assuming the roles of teachers to a new generation of mutants at the Xavier Institute while navigating their personal relationships and dealing with newly emerging pro- and anti-mutant political sentiments. Regarding Jean's actual return to the X-Men franchise, Marvel indicated that Jean's eventual return is being discussed but stated that the return of Jean Grey was "a story Marvel does not want to rush". She had an older sister, Sara Grey-Bailey.

Depictions of Jean's childhood and her relations with her family have shown a stable, loving family life growing up. Jean's mutant powers of telepathy and telekinesis first manifest when her best friend is hit by a car and killed.

Genetic 'usual suspects' identified in researchers' new list

Jean mentally links with her friend and nearly dies as well. During an emergency mission in space, the X-Men find their shuttle damaged. Jean pilots the shuttle back to Earth, but is exposed to fatal levels of radiation. Phoenix continues her life as Jean Grey with the other X-Men, joining them on missions and saving the universe.

During " The Dark Phoenix Saga ", Phoenix becomes overwhelmed and corrupted by her first taste of evil and transforms into a force of total destruction, called "Dark Phoenix", inadvertently killing the inhabitants of a planetary system, after consuming its star, and jeopardizing the entire universe.

Upon its suicide by way of a disintegration ray, the Phoenix Force disperses into its original form and a fragment locates the still-healing Jean at the bottom of Jamaica Bay. Named " Madelyne Pryor ", the unaware clone meets Cyclops in a situation engineered by Sinister and the two fall in love, marry, and have a child, Nathan Christopher Summers. Meanwhile, the cocoon is discovered and retrieved by the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

Madelyne eventually resurfaces, now nearly insane and with powers awakened by a demonic pact, calling herself the Goblyn Queen. Learning of her true identity and purpose as a clone created by Mister Sinister drove her completely insane and she plans to sacrifice Nathan Christopher to achieve greater power and unleash literal Hell on Earth. Jean and Madelyne confront each other, and Madelyne attempts to kill them both. Jean manages to survive only by absorbing the remnant of the Phoenix Force housed within Madelyne, giving her both Madelyne's memories and the Phoenix's memories from "The Dark Phoenix Saga".

While continuing on X-Factor, Cyclops proposes to Jean and she meets her alternate future daughter Rachel Summers who goes by the codename "Phoenix" as well and is also able to tap into the Phoenix Force , but she rejects them both out of the feeling that they indicate that her life is predetermined. After some time, she makes up with Rachel, welcoming her into her life, and proposes to Cyclops and the two marry. Jean adopts the identity of "Redd" along with Cyclops "Slym" and they raise Nathan Christopher for twelve years before they are sent back into their bodies on their wedding honeymoon.

Jean learns that a time-displaced Rachel had used her powers to transport them to the future to protect Nathan, and per Rachel's request, Jean adopts the codename "Phoenix" once again to establish it as a symbol of good after all the bad it had caused. In Bishop 's original timeline before he ends up in the present he finds the X-Men's war room and finds a garbled distress signal from Jean about a traitor destroying the X-Men from within.

He then telepathically brands his name to her mind when she refused and asks him his name. Professor Xavier calls the X-Men together for a meeting and Jean tries unsuccessfully to rally the X-Men against him before he manifests Onslaught. While Onslaught easily overtakes the rest of the X-Men, Jean escapes to the war room and sends out the distress signal that Bishop found in the future.

After a massive battle against Jean and the rest of the X-Men, Onslaught escapes to carry out his plans. After Onslaught nearly kills the X-Men they team up with the Avengers to make a plan to stop him, knowing full well that it may come down to them killing Xavier if the world is to survive.

Jean accompanies Cyclops, Archangel, and Psylocke to Muir Island where they and Moira McTaggart discover the Xavier Protocols , secret plans that Xavier made to kill any of the individual X-Men should anyone become a threat against the world. The rest of the Avengers and Fantastic Four join them in a final stand against Onslaught before he completely destroys the world. In a final act of desperation Jean finds Hulk and locks away Bruce Banner's mind, leaving only the Hulk in control so he can fight Onslaught unencumbered.

With the vast majority of earth's heroes missing and assumed dead after Onslaught is finally defeated, Jean and Cyclops open their home to Quicksilver and his daughter and try to help the X-Men to get their lives get back together. Following Cyclops's possession by the mutant villain Apocalypse and apparent death, [22] [23] Jean continues with the X-Men, but is distraught by the loss of her husband.

She later learns that she is an "Omega-level" mutant with unlimited potential.