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This makes it a huge maintenance burden, as it needs to be flushed and moved into storage whenever it gets saturated with CO2. Changing out life support equipment on a submarine isn't trivial no matter how reviled the piece of equipment.

Rappe and his research partners spent years improving the material before turning it over to the Navy. Since then, Smith and her colleagues have been testing the prototype SAMMS ventilation system specifically for submarines.

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She says the prototype is currently going through long-term testing with lab-simulated sub air. It could then be deployed on future submarines joining the fleet. Smith also noted that the SAMMS technology has already been evaluated successfully at sea through small scale test units.

And as long as the Navy's switching out gear on the sub, how about a margarita machine in the crew's mess? David C. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

New Nanomaterial Takes the Stink Out of Submarine Air

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Will new recycling scheme cause a stink in Sidmouth?

Rhett Allain Whoa! More science. The march to this moment has taken more than three decades. It began with newspaper and cardboard recycling in the s; expanded to glass, aluminum, plastics and other materials; and is now conquering the last relatively easy-to-divert target: food scraps and yard debris that can be turned into compost. In some cases, the compost it creates is sold or given right back to the residents who threw it out.

Frequent Questions about Biosolids

The West Coast became a leader in part because it has easier access to markets in Asia that buy recyclable materials like paper and plastic. It also has significantly higher landfill costs than many other regions. The leading cities have long traditions of environmental progressivism and are relatively small, with , or fewer residents apiece. Portland and Seattle in particular have many single-family houses, where the most responsible recycling takes place.

What's that smell? Water saving’s unintended consequences

This summer, Seattle is opening a mammoth new transfer station in an industrial area south of downtown. With a far larger floor area, it will be able to sort waste more thoroughly, including construction debris.

The building puts a bright face on what some people might otherwise deem a dirty industrial endeavor. Old street signs decorate its entrance, a former drawbridge is a sculpture out front, the landscaping is irrigated with captured rainwater, and waste is misted to keep odors down. Windows allow abundant natural light.

View all New York Times newsletters. Seattle requires composting as well as recycling. Not everyone supports the mandates.

Next month, Seattle will begin a pilot program for biweekly garbage pickup. By , it wants to provide some neighborhoods with a fourth curbside bin for diapers and pet waste. Applied CleanTech , an Israeli startup focused on recycling raw wastewater into reusable materials, is making sewer water seem sweet.

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Sewage is a valuable resource. In the past, we highlighted a story about a small Minnesota town that utilizes sewer water to provide geothermal energy to surrounding homes and schools. Valuable gases can also be extracted from waste water to generate energy.