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The magnificent armies enter, appearing evenly matched. After Theseus has sternly delivered the rules, the bloody battle of flashing swords and maces begins.

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Emelye rejoices as Theseus proclaims Arcite victorious. Venus, on the other hand, weeps with shame that her knight lost, until Saturn calms her and signals that all is not over. Gravely wounded, the company transports Arcite to bed, where physicians attempt in vain to heal him. Emelye, Theseus, and Palamon are inconsolable. After some years pass, the mourners heal, with the exception of Emelye and Palamon, who continue to go about sorrowfully, dressed in black. During one parliament at Athens, Theseus berates the two for grieving too much. He reminds them that God ordains that all must die, and refusal to accept death is therefore folly.

Venus Desiring (Venus Rising Book 3)

In his final speech to Palamon and Emelye, Theseus shows that he has learned his lesson from Egeus. A benevolent order may exist in the universe, Theseus asserts, but human beings should not seek to pry into it, or set themselves against it by prolonging mourning too long. I just got her short stories like that. Your stories are extremely well written and I enjoyed them very much.

I kept up with every chapter and cried in the end when Jessica had to leave. You should play off of Mr. Winter as well!

Thanks everyone! I'm really enjoying the current series, and I think it's very likely that Mr. I forgot to put up release dates, added some now. I'm almost done with the last chapter for Literotica and will be starting with getting it ready for Kindle this weekend. I love this story and am looking forward to the others!! One question: will we have to pay to read the next three?

Or will they also be up on literotica? Yes, I followed your story on Literotica and was wondering the same thing. I will be posting the free promotion day for the stories on the blog, so as long as you follow along with the blog you will def have the opportunity to download them for free, but I won't be posting them on Literotica, no.

I've been following the Venus series on Literotica and I am very happy to hear you'll be carrying on with the characters as I have enjoyed reading about them immensely. Thanks for sharing a brilliant story and I really can't wait to see how it continues. Ok that was so a tease I'm like an inpatient 2 year old who has to wait till Christmas, the second book already sounds amazing can't wait to read it when your ready to share it.

Found Venus School on literotica and loved it I was glad to see her end up with both Fire and Flood!! Can't wait to read more and plan to put it on my kindle asap!

Venus and Adonis

Hi, I absolutely love your writings! I was just wondering if your ebooks are able to be bought in Australia? I'm not sure I'm not sure how they handle the international market though. Hi, I can't buy this as I'm in the UK. Really want to know what happens next As far as I know, all of my Kindle books have come out on amazon. I swear I am obsessively checking whether or not Venus Aspiring is available yet. Hilary and Liam are so compelling, I'm chomping at the bit to read their story. Love your writing. There's quite a few scenes with the trio in the book, but Liam and Hilary are def the focus.

I'm hoping to have it out sooooon I'm trying to find Venus Transcendent on Amazon u. Is it released here? Hi i was wondering around what month you think the 4th book wil be available. Or he who, rejected, can change his desire: there is joy in a new slavery as well. But is it impossible for me ever to love another, or part from her. May no girl ever let you down, Gallus. Even now with your growing reputation for deceiving them, never seeking to linger long in any passion, you begin to pale with desperation in belated love, and fall back, tripped, at the first step.

No wicked rumour, or augury, told me this: I saw it: can you deny me, as a witness, I pray? Desire spurs you on. Since you are sure to die of love once and for all: no other threshold was worthy. May she be kind to you, since new madness strikes, and, whatever you wish for, may she be the one for you. Love is unable to bow down to great wealth. For who can enjoy wealth if Love is against him? No riches for me if Venus is sullen!

What comfort is dyed silken fabric? See with what trials Fortune drags me down! Alphesiboea was revenged on her own brothers for her husband Alcmaeon , and passion broke the bonds of loving blood.

"Venus Rising" Progression - CMX

Yet none of these alters your existence, that you might also be known in story. Cynthia, stop now revoking your words by lying, and refrain from provoking forgotten gods.

‎Venus Desiring: Venus Rising Quartet, Book 3 (Unabridged) on Apple Books

And can you raise them to the vast sun, and not tremble, aware of your guilty sins? Who forced your pallor of shifting complexion, and drew tears from unwilling eyes? Nor can I save my lady from infamous nights, honour surrendered in obscene singing. Nor does she repent as yet, to cease her notoriety: stop living more sinfully than this dissolute age. He never allows my columns to rest, renewing his sly insinuating song:.

Why do you never unfasten and admit my desire, unable to feel or tell her my secret prayers? Will there be no end assigned to my sadness, and sleep lie, unsightly, on your cool threshold? Midnight , the stars sinking to rest, and the icy winds of chill dawn , grieve for me. Then she would never be able to check herself, and a sigh would surface amongst reluctant tears, though she were more unyielding than flint or Sicilian stones, harder than iron or steel.

But to me, threshold, you are the one, great cause of my grief, never conquered by gifts. No petulant tongue of mine has ever offended you, used to calling out angry drunken jests, that you should make me hoarse with endless complaining, guarding the crossroads in anxious waiting. Yet I have often elicited new lines of verse for you, and printed deep kisses on your steps. How often before now have I turned from your columns, treacherous one, and with hidden hands produced the required offering.

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So with this and whatever you helpless lovers invent, he drowns out the dawn chorus. Yes, even in your absence, Cynthia , the winds promote your cause: hear what savage threats the sky sounds. Will good fortune ever come to calm the storms? Will that little beach hold my ashes? Change your fierce complaints to something kinder, and let night and the hostile shoals be my punishment.


Would you, dry-eyed, require my death, and never clasp my bones to your breast? O, perish the man, who-ever he was, who first made ships and rigging and journeyed over the reluctant deep! If the Fates had buried my grief at home, and an upright stone stood there to my last love, she would have given dear strands of hair to the fire, and laid my bones gently on soft rose-petals: she would have cried out my name over the final embers, and asked for earth to lie lightly on me.